One Full Year Of Dedication!

Smackfat's 2015 Spotlight Inspiration

Friday May 16th, 2014 = This was the day Paolo joined us here at smackfat. I decided to place the spotlight on him to be an inspiration for those that are literally looking for a transformation of their own! One full year of dedication, consistency, persistence, focus and being a student that can follow direction! 80LBS + gone!

NOTE FROM KABA: Here are some success stories my clients have sent me. Check them out for inspiration, and to see what's possible with my Smackfat Course!

I want to remind you though, that these people were some of my best and motivated clients. You can get in killer shape like them if you are consistent with the Smackfat Course - but you should NOT expect to get results like this if you're not motivated or intelligent enough to stick to the plan I lay out. So be inspired by these stories...but also realize that you can't get these results magically with no effort, and that you will have to stick to the Smackfat Course plan to get results like this.

Please understand that all results may vary and what successes you see here are not typical. The truth is that I can not predict or guarantee what "smackfat" can do for you simply because I don't know what type of person you are... whether you are a action taker that will implement every instruction or someone that will do the complete opposite.

All I can do is give EVERY PERSON a fair shot by guiding, teaching and supporting their weight loss journey in hopes that they will succeed. This is what I do and this can potentially result in a victory for you!

Please also see my full FTC Legal Disclaimer for full legal details on testimonials, risks, and expected results from the program.

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