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What does Keto do to my body?

 Is a commonly asked queston...Ketosis, to put it simply, is the state in which you burn fat for fuel. The human body isn’t stupid, it will burn what it has in most abundance that yields the most energy for its volume. 

What does Keto do to my body?

Ketosis also helps regulate your blood without complications. Involving complex carbs into your diet causes your body to heighten your blood sugar and as a result produce insulin. 

What do I eat and why?

. The fact is that you eat exactly what you want to. I, personally, eat everything. Leafy greens, beef, pork, chicken, fish, and eggs are a part of my regular diet.
Meet The Author...
You Are The Creator Of Your Life...
Not A Manager Of Circumstances!
Hi, my friends call me Kaba,

This is the story of how I have been able to turn my life around by going from roughly 300+LBS down to 210LBS with this EXTREMELY powerful regimen called The Ketogenic Diet

In a diet, results are not met for the simple fact that we are not sure what to expect and within what time frame, resulting in us losing hope quickly! 

I have to make this clear because I attempted this diet with very little expectation, due to my lack of knowledge starting out back in the year of 2013, and I am was very glad to have given this a try. 

Within the first WEEK, I had lost over 15 Pounds!

The Day My Weight Scale Read 302LBS..... 
I remember it like it was yesterday, all the way back in 2013...

I had just let my body go and things just got completely out of hand! I have never been this big before but I must say that DEPRESSION IS NOTHING TO JOKE ABOUT! During this time, I had been utilizing basketball to put myself through school but my focus was not where it needed to be, which resulted in me taking THIS blessing for granted. I was the type to wear my emotions on my sleeves which always had me in an emotional wreck. All my friends would tease me and call me a "lover boy" because it just always seemed like I was involved in a relationship just to remain happy and to avoid any type of emotional pain... not a good thing to do, I know.

I mentioned depression earlier because, during this phase in my life, I had learned that you cannot love someone else if you do not love yourself first. 

Everything I did at that time was always to please someone else at the expense of my self and this resulted in me not taking care of my soul, my mind, and as you can see from the pictures... my body.

As my weight just kept on going up and up... you could just imagine my depression was at an all-time high. This resulted in me losing my ability to play ball at a high level and I began to become distant from everybody, I lost all ambition for anything and there was nobody that could come and help me recover. Like I said before, DEPRESSION IS NO JOKE!
My Journey Began: Ketogenic Mastery!
As time went on, my distance from the world gave me the opportunity to take a few steps back and really take a good look at my self and how I got to this point. The first thing on my list was to get my body back to a reasonable weight that I was comfortable with. So I went ahead, did my due diligence, I did some research and luckily found the Ketogenic Diet! This was when my life started to turn around for the better.

4 months in the trenches of trial and error then BOOM... 85 to 90 pounds of fat gone, poof, vanish, as you can see in my pictures. I chose the ketogenic diet simply because I was fascinated with the type of foods that could be consumed during this regimen. The biggest kicker of them all was that this diet was a form of a low carb diet but the twist was that you have to consume anywhere from 70 to 80 percent of FAT within your meals. This was absolutely mind boggling to me but it WORKS! My Ketogenic Mastery was BORN!

Throughout this process, there were some things that I have learned and I know for a fact that it played a HUGE factor in my success. Depression can really paralyze a person to unimaginable measures and I can say I've had my fair share of it. I truly and honestly believe that once a person knows what it really means to love yourself... then without question, the sky is the limit.
The 5 Top Lessons That Helped Me Overcome My Depression & Dominate My Obesity Were:
  • Having the courage to forgive yourself, it makes no sense to linger in the past.
  • Understanding that nothing makes you any less attractive than anybody else. Just be yourself and you will attract those that deserve your presence.
  • You have the choice to do what you love or you will continue living a life being submissive to the expectations put on you by others.
  • Not everyone will love you, and that not everybody has to.
  •  Understanding that you have to love yourself before you can love anybody else, or before anyone else can love you.
❝I Shared My Success On Youtube And Was Born! ❞
So after mastering the ketogenic diet, I decided to share my success by making a Youtube video. I knew that my journey could help many people but I did not expect my video to get so much attention (over 220,000+ views and climbing). The funny thing is that when I go and look back at the video now, it makes me cringe because I was so vulnerable at that time... but when I go through the comments, I realize how many people I have inspired because of it... so it was a good decision and the video continues to serve a greater purpose beyond me.

Since the year 2013 up to now, I have been helping so many people dive into the ketogenic diet with great results for weight loss benefits! It's extremely humbling to have so many different types of people confide in me as a solution to potentially help them meet their weight goals efficiently.

I have helped men and women from ages 16 all the way up to 46 years young... my strategy inside Smackfat is to simply be as straightforward as possible with my training because the key for me is to leverage all my video demonstrations like a step-by-step blueprint. A person that is new and discovering the ketogenic diet can become overwhelmed with all the information out there.  I say this because the ketogenic diet is not your typical cookie cutter kind of diet. This is where I believe shines the most,

Once you go through the material... you'll be able to approach this the right way THE FIRST TIME you try it. 
 ❝Learn the "how" and this will eliminate any kind of learning curve or trial and error❞
There are MANY ways to do the ketogenic diet… 


I can only speak about what I personally did in order to get this kind of result. 

If you are a person that just wants a step by step blueprint that keeps things as simple as possible in regards to keto… 


This is perfect for you! I kept everything very simple and straight to the point… I don’t have a large list of recipes for you and I don’t have a bunch of workout routines for you… All I got for you is HARD WORK, DEDICATION & CONSISTENCY.
H.B Kaba
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