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How exactly did i lose 
85lbs. in 4 Months?
For The First  3 Days......
Eat EGGS ONLY !  For years I have been leveraging eggs along with fasting in order to jumpstart the process of the glycogen depletion & ketone production. 
Measure Your Ketones!
THIS IS CRUCIALLLL!!! We need to constantly be checking after our meals to see if our bodies are still in ketosis, these strips will help you easily do that.
Drink A Gallon of Water a Day....
MAJOR KEY in accelerating your weight loss. Drinking water will not only help replace the fluids lost, but also help keep you from dehydrating!
Exercise! Just 15 Minutes “High Interval Intense Training”
Jumprope in a HIT Format! ....HIGH INTERVAL INTENSE  TRAINING....15 minutes a DAY is equivalent to jogging for 45 minutes. This is extremely beneficial for its purpose of depleting our glycogen stores quickly…
SmackFat Keto Amino Energy
This is my secret WEAPON! Notice i said WEAPON.... Drink ONCE a day, Whenever you are about to workout, go to work, or whenever you feel like you may need more energy. 

DO NOT! i repeat DO NOT.... Underestimate this step. Most of the weight loss happens when you sleep, Be sure to get at least 7 hours a day.
Eat one big meal a day, Fasting combined with keto IS EXTREMELY effective and  brings fast results!
 My EXACT Steps  
Ketone Production & Ketone Utilization
There are many ways to do the ketogenic diet… but I can only speak on what I personally did in order to get this kind of result. So if you are a person that just wants a step by step blueprint that keeps things as simple as possible in regards to keto… then this is perfect for you! I kept everything very simple and straight to the point… I don’t have a large list of recipes for you and I don’t have a bunch of workout routines for you… All I got for you is HARD WORK, DEDICATION & CONSISTENCY.
 Quick List of things I used…
  • Eggs
  •  Food List  (to make 1-2 meals ONLY)
  •  Ketone Teststrips
  •  Jump Rope
  •  Fasting (extremely powerful combined with keto)
  • ​Keto Amino Energy (Pre-workout)
Step 1: 3 day egg fast
For 3 days, I ate ONLY eggs….drunk a gallon of water throughout the day and jumped rope for 15mins a day in a HIIT format(High intense interval training). Each morning, I used ketone strips to confirm when I began to show my ketone production… for me it happened by day 2. 

The goal here is to fully deplete all glycogen within the body and kickstart the ketone production! Why Eggs?… because it has been the fastest in helping me begin producing ketones(about 2 days) along with its endless health benefits and what I have found to be the the most reliable source when depleting my glycogen WITHOUT producing too much gluconeogenesis(excess protein that converts into glucose).
1.  First 3 days eat only eggs
2.  Drink gallon of water a day(do your best to get to a gallon)
3.  Jump rope 15mins “HIIT” example: (Jump for 1min, rest 30sec - repeat this 10 times without stopping = 15mins)

- Keto Amino Energy (Pre-workout) -
4. Use your ketone strips every morning to identify when you begin producing ketones in order to move to the next step.
Frequently Asked Question:  Does It Have To Be Egg… Can I Eat Something Else?
- Yes! You can do another protein… but I cannot vouch for whatever result it brings. I am only speaking on what I PERSONALLY have done. 
Step 2: Dedication & Consistency ✝
✝ At this point: (YOU MUST BE PRODUCING KETONES ALREADY) before moving on to step 2
The first thing I did was go to my food list and crafted only 2 to 3 meals that I would cycle through for the rest of this weight loss mission. I always made sure that in my meals, I had A LOT of greens/salad for my fiber and “tried” to always have avocado(it expensive in new york) for my fats along with cheese at times… and everything else would be preference… my preference majority of the time was ground beef or eggs or chicken or bacon

The reason I said ONLY 2-3 meals is because… I want to keep things simple and KNOW EXACTLY what I am putting into my mouth instead of making all different kinds of recipes. Personally the way I see it is… I am on a mission and I don’t care about recipes… when I eat eggs, I know what result to expect… when I eat ground beef, I know what result to expect… when I eat chicken, I know what to expect…. etc, etc, etc,… This approach can become boring BUT… my goal was to lose nearly 90 pounds! so I am willing to be boring in order to get results… you feel me?… lets continue
Recap: Monday to Friday
1.  I wake up, check ketones with strips
2.  I drink 1/4 of a gallon of water
3.  I Jump rope for 15mins (HIIT) - 

("keto amino energy" pre-workout)
4. I drink 2/4 of a gallon of water
5. I break my fast and eat within my eating window (I fast for about 20 hours and have a 4 hour eating window)
6. I eat my ONE meal for the day in which should be fulfilling (about 1500-2000 calories)
7. I drink 3/4 of a gallon of water
8. I go about my day, and have a keto snack (cold cuts, cheese, etc, etc) A SNACK, NOT A MEAL!
9. I drink 4/4 of a gallon of water (finish)
10.  I SLEEP…. SLEEP real good for a minimum of 7 hours
Saturday & Sunday
I keep it light…
- no jumping rope
- no big meal
I just continue to drink water, have a smaller meal and just consume “keto” snacks throughout the day and I just chill and relax.

1.  Go to the food list and decide what will be a part of your (one meal a day) routine
2.  Fast every day for about 20 hours and then eat for 4 hours…
3.  When you do eat, make sure it is fulfilling! about 1500-2000 calories in one sitting
4. Drink gallon of water a day(do your best to get to a gallon)
5. I Jump rope for 15mins (HIIT) -
("keto amino energy" pre-workout)

In conclusion, 

this is my personal experience with the Ketogenic Diet… You can do Keto any other way you prefer but I ONLY can vouch for what I have written above… this is what I know for sure gets BIG RESULTS! By all means, I am more than confident that you will reach your weight goals and beyond… You can just reply to this email if you need help. Like I said, this is my personal experience in losing 85LBS in 4 Months.
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