"Why Was Smackfat Created?"
I remember it like it was yesterday, all the way back in 2013... I had just let my body go and things just got completely out of hand! I have never been this big before but I must say that DEPRESSION IS NOTHING TO JOKE ABOUT! During this time, I have been utilizing basketball to put myself through school but my focus was not where it needed to be in which therefor resulted in me taking this blessing for granted. I was the type to wear my emotions on my sleeves which always had me in an emotional wreck. All my friends would tease me and call me a "lover boy" because it just always seemed like I was involved in a relationship just to remain happy and to avoid any type of emotional pain... not a good thing to do, I know.
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NOTE FROM KABA: Here are some success stories, Check them out for inspiration, and to see what's possible!

I want to remind you though, you can get in killer shape like them if you are consistent - but you should NOT expect to get results like this if you're not motivated or intelligent enough to stick to a plan. So be inspired by these stories...but also realize that you can't get these results magically with no effort, and that you will have to stick to the plan to get results like this.

Please understand that all results may vary and what successes you see here are not typical. The truth is that I can not predict or guarantee  simply because I don't know what type of person you are... whether you are a action taker that will implement every instruction or someone that will do the complete opposite.

Please also see my full FTC Legal Disclaimer for full legal details on testimonials, risks, and expected results from the program.
30lbs in 2 Months!

58lbs. in 1 Months!

22 lbs in 1 Month!

35lbs in 3 Months!

79lbs. in 55 Days!

100 lbs In 6  Months!

32lbs in 3 Months!

24lbs in 2 Months!

60lbs in 8 Months!

12 lbs in 12 Days!

18lbs. in 25 Days!

9.2 lbs in 1 Month!

123 lbs in 6 Months!

80lbs. in 8 Months!

130 lbs in 10 Months!

85lbs in 11 Months!

15lbs. in 30 Days!

40lbs in 6 Months!

134lbs in 10 Months!

50lbs. in 6 Months!

23lbs in 2 Months!

13lbs in 7 Weeks!

44lbs. in 6 Months!

130lbs in 13 Months!

55lbs in 6 Months!

85lbs. in 12 Months!

12lbs in 6 Weeks!

38lbs in 12 Weeks!

20lbs. in 4 Months!

21lbs in 44 Days!

30lbs in 3 Months!

80lbs. in 8 Months!

50lbs in 5 Months!

42lbs in 3 Months!

15lbs. in 1 Month!

30lbs in 3 Months!

40lbs in 6 Months!

30lbs. in 4 Month!

101lbs in 9 Months!

120lbs in 13 Months!

50lbs. in 9 Month!

20lbs in 19 Days!

Since Day One!
Results are not typical and varies per user.*
Check Her Success Story Here
Check His Success Story Here
Check Her Success Story Here
Results are not typical and varies per user.*
Results are not typical and varies per user.*
Results are not typical and varies per user.*
Results are not typical and varies per user.*
Results are not typical and varies per user.*
Results are not typical and varies per user.*
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